Tuesday, 28 February 2012

My Plenty of Fish Profile

Our Love Could be a Toby Keith Song

Looking for…..well, a woman with more cats than relatives.

It’d be a plus if she collects figurines.

Oh and the deal breaker is county and western music – but its gotta be Nashville country, though – none of that uppity Austin country (those Dixie Chicks are testing my patience.)

Speaking of country – I love those dinette sets that use lots of heavily varnished pine (y’know the stuff that comes in the flat-pack boxes).

Oh, and I just love those green patterned accent strips of wall-paper. The ones that run all around the kitchen at about the 7 foot mark.

We’d spend our days haggling at the flea market, and our nites at the multi-plex.

Y’know the kind of girl I’m looking for - someone who thought acid-washed jeans were a good idea.

Yep, I’m all about NASCAR racing and boat shows – and pretty much everything that MAXIM tells me I should be into.

Now, I know from talking to the fellas at the rendering plant that a lotta guys are expecting plenty of action on that first date. I just wanna say up front that I’m one guy who never expects a lot of action on the first date. And it usually works out that way anyway. You have to be understanding - ‘cause today’s career oriented gals are busy. Often times they have to end a date early because of important business meetings, or migraines, or drunk babysitters. I just can’t tell you how many times I’ve been at the Red Lobster on a nice first date, talking about how I think that there should be NASCAR figurines available, when my date has to go and attend to a sudden and unexpected emergency.

So, if a nite out at the Red Lobster, followed by a great Rob Schneider movie at the multi-plex is your idea of a good time, then get in touch. 

Oh, and those new age gals y’know, with their crystals and beads and chants and Enya CDs. I’m sorta torn about them. I mean, we all know that they put out, but my Pastor says that they all worship the devil. Did I mention that I’m part of a church that finds Pentecostals just a bit too freewheelin’ – if you know what I mean.
First Date
I like to think of myself as a rennaisance man. professional wrestling, monster truck pulls or going to a bar to watch NASCAR - I have a wide variety of interests.

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